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Whether you live on this island or spend holiday periods here, it is essential to have a fully trustworthy law firm in Palma de Mallorca that can assist you in any legal procedure you may face.

And that office is FR&P Lawyers, a prestigious law firm founded in 1941 by Nicolás Forteza-Rey. Since then, our firm has continued to grow and evolve, specializing in all areas of law, both business and personal.

Moreover, as we offer our services in several languages (Spanish, English, German, and French), we can legally assist foreign individuals residing here, whether permanently or temporarily. Many of these individuals purchase real estate in Mallorca, just as others decide to make some business investment. In these cases, the language barrier can be very frustrating when carrying out any legal procedure. Hence the importance of entrusting legal matters to a law firm in Palma de Mallorca that speaks your language and can serve you fluently.

For example, do you have in mind to buy a house in Mallorca and need a team of lawyers to help you with all the legal procedures of the purchase? Then come to see us, and we will assign you a property lawyer in Mallorca who will look after your interests and assist you with everything you need on the island.

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