Civil law: Obligations and contracts. Claims of quantity.


1.- Obligations and contracts

  • Drafting, negotiation and finalisation, or any other aspect relating to all kinds of contracts between businesses or private individuals
  • Contracts of sale, purchase, Exchange, leases, works and services provision, donations loans, etc.
  • Consumer and user rights: General conditions for hiring and clause abuse
  • Banking law: right of first refusal, SWAPS, base/floor clauses, consolidation clause and IRPH clause nullities, etc.
  • Measures resulting from contracting insurance policies
  • Hidden vice
  • Civil contractual liability for non-compliance with the obligations resulting from a contract.
  • Extra-ontractual civil liability presupposing generation of a loss or damage, featuring fault or negligence: Traffic accidents, Medical and professional malpractice, Workplace accidents, Water-damage related losses, fires, any form of accident: falls, incorrect provision of services etc.
  • Assessment of injury or harm sustained, with the relevant team of medical experts: injuries, repercussions, bodily harm, loss of earnings, etc.


2.-Quanity claims

  • Out-of-court claims for any form of debt
  • Court claims:
    • Monitoring court-case, in liquid and enforceable debts.
    • Verbal court case in claiming amounts, for sums less than €6.000.
    • Ordinary court case in claiming an amount, for debts exceeding €6.000.
    • Exchange court case for bills of Exchange, checks and IOUs.
  • Debt claims and international enforcement
  • Preventive consulting and measures in avoiding default situations. Establishing guarantees, endorsements and deposits.