Civil Law: Family and inheritance


1.- Family: couples and minors

  • Consulting in separations, divorce y matrimonial nullity, national and international
  • De facto couples: constitution and dissolution
  • Marriage capitulation and drafting of Regulatory Agreement for separation or Divorce, for anticipated rupture
  • Liquidation of common property, in contexts of previously agreed separation of assets or property
  • Attribution in use of conjugal dwelling
  • Claiming of alimony or financial disproportionality between the spouses
  • Regulation of parent-child relations: paternity claims and parentage, custody and guardianship of minors, shared custody, changes in custody and visitation agreement, alimony or allowance as compensation.
  • Modification of measures: changes in custody or visiting procedure, increase, reduction or conclusion of alimony or compensatory allowance.
  • Execution of family related court resolutions in Spain established by EU countries and other foreign countries

      Family: Incapacity

  • Adoption of control and oversight measures
  • Procedures for incapacitation. Naming and Removal of Tutor or Guardian.
  • Authorisations by the court regarding the party lacking legal capacity.
  • Inventory detailing. Accountability


2-. Inheritance

  • Consulting regarding drafting of last wills and testaments
  • Processing of notarial deeds
  • Advice on the acceptance of testate and non-testate inheritances
  • Calculation and claiming of Legitimacy
  • Legacies
  • Fiscal planning in inheritance settlements
  • Inheritance quantification and division: determination of property value making up the inheritance, and subsequent distribution among heirs
  • Balearic Foral Law.
  • Donations in exchange for food or services provided