Commercial and corporate law


1.- Commercial law

  • Commercial contracts
  • Agency, supply and distribution, concession, provision and franchise contracts
  • Industrial and work site contracts
  • Contracts for trade loans and financial leasing
  • Outsourcing licences and contracts
  • Hiring terms and conditions
  • Creditors Tendering: study of the insolvency situation, negotiation with the bankruptcy board, enforcement of guarantees, attendance to the procedure, loan notification and litigation correspondence
  • Second Opportunity Law (Legal person, tender)


2.- Corporate Law

  • Establishment of legal entities: SA, SL, Communities of assets
  • Restructuring, dissolution and liquidation of businesses
  • Mergers, division and structural modification
  • Obligations and responsibility of administrators, proxies, directors and advisers
  • Drawing up, modification and alteration of the articles of association
  • Expansion and reduction of company capital
  • Transfer of registered address
  • Partner agreements, syndication of measures and other para-social agreements
  • AGMs and EGMs, partner meetings and appealing corporate agreements or articles
  • Representation in the company’s bodies, assistance at meetings and on boards
  • Company secretarial duties: summoning, quorum and attendance, keeping of minutes, company books, certificates, accounting and legal consulting
  • Family protocols